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Posted By: keberoxu
28-Aug-18 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: War of the Worlds film by the BBC (2018)
Subject: RE: BS: War of the Worlds film by the BBC (2018)
To be honest, I have not read Wells's novel.
Looking up the online summaries of War of the Worlds as a novel,
it caught my attention that
the book is described as plot-driven with cursory character development.
So much so that the characters who survive the invasion to the end,
do not have names,
although the book tells you how they are related to each other.

Only one character is given a proper name.
Ogilvy is the astronomer/scientist who goes forth with one group
to confront the Martian invaders, and the natives are all slaughtered.

I mention this in regard to the BBC miniseries in production,
because all the characters have names in this adaptation.
And the name Ogilvy has been retained
and a prominent actor cast in the role.

I am wondering if the film, true to the book,
will kill off Ogilvy right away,
or will Ogilvy instead survive long enough to see
what happens to the Martians at the end?