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Posted By: Gallus Moll
05-Sep-18 - 12:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
bwahahahahahahahah ooh ouch ferfuksakes!!!!
Nameless observer you really are a convoluted eejit!!!!
I think we should crowdfund for a large sack, send it to you and you can get inside and have a huge punchup with the hot air inside it!
- Jim Mclean's original contribution to the Glesca Eskimos discussion was seeking information that would lead him to written (or even recorded) evidence that would prove that Captain Laning had made the 'bunch of Eskimos' statement - or not.
Which is what you have said in your final sentence - - however you have just plucked that statement out of the air, you have done no research to confirm it so in fact it is merely your opinion!!!!!
And in getting to this point you have insulted many other people participating in the thread - me for one - and slagged off a large number people from all over the country including the West of Scotland and Glasgow who did come to the original and many of the follow on marches and protests down the years. You are NOT a world expert on the anti-nuclear protests here or life in the garrison town suffering a US naval base whether they wanted it or not.
Perhaps you should reflect a little, admit you may be in error - and apologize for all the insults and patronising remarks?