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05-Sep-18 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
Mr.McVicar, Gallus Moll, Allan Conn I would point you in the direction of Brian McNeill if you want songs covering events that have happened. You have all vented and levelled insults at me yet not one single one of you has found one single error, lie or misrepresentation in a single word that I have written.

The Glesga Eskimos = Pure bloody fiction, it never happened,they never did anything, they never achieved anything. Songs about their fictitious deeds, etc are nothing more than a contemptuous insult to the intelligence of any sentient human being.

Oh and Allan Conn yes it does matter, or where do you draw the line between fact and fiction - going your way and allowing works of pure fiction and total misrepresentation to stand you would then have to automatically dismiss all folk songs as any form of insight into history social or political.

I take it then Gallus that you have been unable to find any verifiable evidence of Laning ever having made the remark that supposedly in the mind of Jim McLean spawned the whole Glesga Eskimos MYTH?

As Akenaton stated the demonstrations you mentioned were minor - you or anybody else can protest whatever you like, I for one would never dream of doing anything to stop you. But don't you dare attempt to silence me or force me in any way to apologise and alter opinions I have arrived at based on the hard verifiable evidence placed in front of me.