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Posted By: Jim Carroll
06-Sep-18 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: The 'Gypsy' Controversy
Subject: RE: The 'Gypsy' Controversary
"doesn't strike me as being racist particularly."
We have to disagree - I consider permanently aggressive attitude offensive and his racism and mysio#oginy (whether real or assumed) is part of the baggage he brings to this forum

On Travellers (the safest term to use without giving offence, basically there in no difference between any of the various groups - inter-marriage and urbanisation has put paid to that
Nowadays, terms like Romany and "real Gypsy' tend to be used to gain advantage in an inc#reasingly bad situation
If things continue as they are, I doubt if there will be any Travellers on the road in the next quater of a century - they will have been ethnically cleansed out of existence as an itinerant community
This is why I take such quick offence when I read terms like "P.C." or "nobody tells me what to say"
The opposite to "political correctness" is "political incorrectness - quite often of the type that is killing off the Travelling Communities
Saying bad things about minority communities is a form of persecution
We already have a little enclave of people on this forum who have described Travellers as "thrives" "a blot on our landscape" and "slave-owners"
Jim Carroll