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Posted By: Senoufou
08-Sep-18 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: The 'Gypsy' Controversy
Subject: RE: The 'Gypsy' Controversy
I agree with you Raedwulf, we like to 'pigeonhole' people, categorising them in order to know what to expect. Labels are an automatic way of reassuring ourselves that we understand the characteristics of a person belonging to a certain group.

But it is a dangerous habit.

As you say, every human being on the planet is an individual, with his/her own hopes, dreams, fears, problems and sorrows.

It helps to try and chat to someone and get to know them a bit. It really breaks down barriers and enlightens one about someone's life.
That's why I yap enthusiastically with people I meet here and there.
Because I'm elderly and non-threatening, they tend to open up and yap back. I love this and learn a lot about humans!