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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
08-Sep-18 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: The 'Gypsy' Controversy
Subject: RE: The 'Gypsy' Controversy
Coming back from my mum's the day before yesterday, I got talking to a stranger,
an older bloke on the train, who'd had a few drinks at an old boys reunion..

After a few minutes he turned the conversation round to his deeply believed conspiracy theories...

eg.. UK schools teaching perversion and satanism
Satanists running global Governments and British railway companies...
satanism is real and controlling everything..
Jews were mentioned as being historically involved one way or another...
.. those were some of the highlights I can remember...

He spoke too fast, and skipped from one inter-related conspiracy to another..

It became obvious he was an obsessed nutter,
but he was a retired well spoken educated upper classs gentleman,
called me "dear boy",
and was quite interesting to observe and converse with..

Anyway, just as he was about to go off on another tangent
he looked me directly in the face and asked out the blue
if I was a 'holocaust denier'...???

I relied of course not, why would I be...
To which he looked a bit deflated..
he apologised for asking, but said he needed to check,
then stopped himself taking the conversation where he had hoped to..

I suspect this is because I look more like an older nationalist skinhead thug than I do a young lefty antifa snowflake..

I guess he thought he might have found one of his own kind of thinkers,
and felt comfortable opening up to me;
just by instantly judging my appearance...

We exchanged pleasantries and I got off the train as my stop was next...

If only I'd thought to covertly record him on my smart phone.
I ususally only encounter these theories expressed incoherently on far right youtube channels..