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Posted By: Steve Shaw
08-Sep-18 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
Subject: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
This theme is probably just as relevant in the US, so shoot, yanks, but it's come up big-time over here in the last day or two. We've had Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrats (a party deservedly trounced in the last two elections - without their propping up the Tories in a bogus coalition we probably wouldn't have had that disastrous referendum for starters) calling for a getting-together of moderate-minded people who are, in his mind, not too far left and not too far right (though mostly too far wrong), his own shrunken mob plus a few unnamed Tories and Blairites, to get together to form some sort of unspecified alliance that will "reclaim the centre ground." He daren't say "a new political party," because last time someone tried that they were promptly cast into undignified oblivion by the electorate. Yesterday, Tony Blair was lamenting the loss of the centre ground by the Labour Party as Corbyn takes control, and sort of insinuating the same thing as Vince. I mean, as if Blair, warmonger-in-chief and serial liar, not to speak of bed-poodle of Dubya's, would know anything about moderation... now we have disaffected old New Labour moaner, Chukka Ummuna, "beseeching" Corbyn to "call off the dogs" in order to prevent "centre left" (ha) people being deselected or leaving the party. What a laugh. It's been Chukka and his tawdry gang of yesterday's people who have BEEN the dogs for the last two years. Seems to me that these people will go to any lengths to unseat Jeremy, even to the extent of throwing at least the next election if not several more after that. Putting in the Tories, so good for the country. As someone said on the Any Answers phone-in today, the last Labour manifesto under Corbyn was exceptionally moderate. Hardly revolutionary stuff, and it was all costed. You couldn't make it up. Maybe I just have done...