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Posted By: peteaberdeen
08-Sep-18 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
Subject: RE: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
while obviously everyone will have a different perspective on where the centre is or the left, there are some policies that regularly get the overwhelming support of the population - for example -

should our NHS (and education system) be properly funded and free from privatisation?
should we have more police on the streets?
should we renationalise the trains and the power companies?
is it shameful to have foodbanks, homelessness and 4 million hungry children in one of the richest countries of the world?
should human rights and workers' rights be protected and enhanced?

etc now it doesn't matter if you call these policies left, centre or whatever - they are just sensible policies that would be entirely mainstream in any other european country.

sadly we live in england where the same population seem to think we should always be ruled by toffs (even when it is clear that they havn't a clue) and we are quite partial to a bit of war and distrust/dislike of foreigners. we have also been taught to distrust the dangerous lefties even when they are proposing the sort of policies that we approve.

we're a bit shit really eh?