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Posted By: Steve Shaw
08-Sep-18 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
Subject: RE: BS: Let's reclaim the centre ground!
"I agree Steve, but the constituency parties have been massively infiltrated by the Far-Left.
The old membership were perfectly happy with the Centre Left, but they have suddenly become the minority"

Tough shit. It's not your party. You've spent years opposing everything about the Labour Party and I for one am bloody sick of it. Join the party and fight the good fight from within, but don't come here spouting your arrant sanctimonious rubbish. It's my party. I don't like everything my party does and I don't like everybody in it. But it's my party and if I don't like something I'll fight it from within, and I do. Toddle off and lionise your own bloody parties, which we know, in spite of your lying protestations, are, in sentiment, UKIP, the Tories and God knows who else on the right. You are totally obsessed with dissing Labour. It's a sort of medical issue with you. A bit psychological. A bit unhealthy. A bit diseased. There must be better things you can do with your rather sheltered suburban life (and I know Hertford rather well, before you protest). Go and sing your shanties down those Hertford pubs I happen to know. Jayz, I even spent B&B nights in some of those you sing your stuff in. My in-laws still live there. Christ, for all I know they may be unfortunate enough to be your next-door neighbours. They'll love you there. Just don't mention politics, otherwise you'll be out on your arse. It's a bit conservative with a small c round here in Kernow, but you wouldn't last two minutes here with your sick attitude.

And this post isn't nasty. It's advisory.