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14-Sep-18 - 07:15 AM
Thread Name: BBC programme from 1976 - British Folk
Subject: RE: BBC programme from 1976 - British Folk
The original releases of albums by Dave & Toni were:-

Morning Stands On Tiptoe Transatlantic Records         1967                 
The Lark In The Morning album Topic Records 1969                 
Hearken To The Witches Rune Trailer 1971                 
Sing A Story Decca 1977                 
Andy's Gone album (Martyn Wyndham-Read With Dave And Toni Arthur) 1979         

... and they were all released on vinyl.
The only CDs that I know of were re-releases.
Morning Stands On Tiptoe was released on CD by a company called Cherry Tree in 2009 but their address was in London W4
Morning Stands On Tiptoe and The Lark In The Morning were released on a two-LPs-on-one-CD compilation by a company called Wooded Hill but there is no reference to an address in Weston-Super-Mare on the minimal notes on the version that I have. I would really like to have more details of the release that punkfolkrocker refers to. Mike makes a sensible guess that the obscure label from Weston- s-M would be Ian Anderson's Village Thing Records but I am pretty certain that there was never any commercial release on any recordings of D&T by Ian.