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Posted By: Will Fly
15-Sep-18 - 05:24 AM
Thread Name: Popular Music. Doomed to oblivion?
Subject: RE: Popular Music. Doomed to oblivion?
In the Benny Goodman prime era, he was, I would say, the equivalent of a pop idol - "pop" not being a term used in those days - and, as Tunesmith says, a massively popular music star. His small group stuff with Charlie Christian is still stunningly good (I have, of course, to say In My Opinion), and "Air Mail Special", "Waiting For Benny", "Gone With What Wind", etc., are tunes I play regularly. His Carnegie Hall concert sold out immediately, and the kids screamed!

I never cared for Crosby particularly, but he was hugely popular in the UK after the war, having a regular slot on the BBC Light Programme - signature tune "When The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day". His classic recording of "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" still reverberates today.

I suppose as long as there are old farts with longer memories, like me, that music will still be "around", but not to my son, who's in his 40s. HIS popular music was mixing, and he still has his decks...