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Posted By: Donuel
15-Sep-18 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Subject: RE: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Old time recordings may have been played faster than the tempo signature to fit on a 78 side. But today no one plays Beethoven's 5th as marked. It is blazingly fast. It has been recorded at its real tempo but I don't know how to find it. The entire first phrase goes by in under 10 seconds.
Toscanini was famous for his quick crisp tempos.

I just remembered how a conductor took the Bach concerto for 2 violins in one for the first time for performance and fooled the orchestra into playing twice as slow as marked. I let it go by for about ten seconds when I stood up and did a Jimmy Durante imitation yelling 'stop the music stop the music'. Ladies and Gentlemen lets see how fast we can really play this thing, Maestro take it away. and away we went. The accident ended up looking staged.

So many fun things happened, I should make a list.