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Posted By: Will Fly
17-Sep-18 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: Popular Music. Doomed to oblivion?
Subject: RE: Popular Music. Doomed to oblivion?
The Dead were an interesting bunch of musicians, playing a wide variety of music in any style and combinations of styles that suited them. It helped, occasionally, to have had a smoke or two (so I'm told) to really appreciate them... Two things worth noting about them:

Far from trying to stop people bootlegging their records, they actively encouraged it. At some concerts, there were booths at the back of the hall where dedicated "Deadheads" could tape the music.

Each year, the band members would meet to decide how a proportion of their annual earnings should be spent in supporting a young musician. I recall one year where a young concert cellist was their charitable 'object'. Good stuff.

There's a classic b&w photograph somewhere of Jerry Garcia on stage, before a live outdoor concert - with a wall of about 24 Vox AC30s behind him!