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Posted By: Donuel
18-Sep-18 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Subject: RE: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Will you are a god damn music historian :^)
You are positioned well. Stealing from folk repertoire for classical treatment is ubiquitous and normal. Stealing the other way around is a rare novelty.

A novelty of mine is taking some of the hundreds of 'baritone duets' Haydn wrote for his King to play BUT I change the instruments to folk instruments and make them as fast as a bat outta hell. Add some syncopation and boom- its folk music.

I play only half of the cello suites which is a fair indication how half assed my skills are. The Bach violin partitas are so famous and thrilling at times I have to hear them 5 times in a row. The cello suites are far more meditative.

I'm still discovering 'new to me' music.
This week it was Quiet City by Arron Copland.