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Posted By: Stanron
22-Sep-18 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: What utter rubbish!
Subject: RE: BS: What utter rubbish!
Keith, I normally agree with everything you say but on this issue the scales are finely balanced. The maintenance of peace is at the theoretical heart of the EU. Britain, France and Germany have not been at war since so in that respect, at least, it has not failed. Having said that I acknowledge that Nato has been vital in keeping us at peace with the rest of the world.

I'm an unapologetic Brexiteer. My preferred Brexit is 'No Deal'. However I happily concede that some of the ideology behind the creation of the EU is valid. Peace in Europe is a valid ideal. However this is now bundled with a whole load of other stuff that I just want my country to be free from.