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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
24-Sep-18 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: What utter rubbish!
Subject: RE: BS: What utter rubbish!
Let me explain something to anyone who is interested. This may include you, Little Hawk. The opening poster, Raedwulf, is already aware. I no longer respond to Keith and you have just witnessed a perfect example of why. The fact that there are a number of sources that accept that Germany at the outbreak of WW1 was a parliamentary democracy. This does not fit in with his argument so he will stone wall that and, whatever anyone else says, he will just quote the 'eminent historians ' (yes, he will use that phrase) that agree with him. If any others are brought to bear, they will be dismissed on any number of grounds.

On the second example, it is a generally accepted fact that there is a long running conflict between 2 democracies, Israel and Palestine. Most people would accept that as being a war between 2 democratic states. Not Keith. He will say either it is not a war of that Palestine is not a democratic state.

He does this because he has to win at all costs. He admits himself that he comes on Mudcat to argue and he only picks the arguments that he thinks he can 'win'. There will be no compromise. No giving in. No conceding of any ground whatsoever until he pushes so hard that you will crack and at that point. You lose. Yes, he will say that as well.

The only way to keep your sanity is to ignore him. Trust me on this.