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Posted By: leeneia
24-Sep-18 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: Origins: One Meatball - blues song
Subject: RE: Origins: One Meatball - blues song
for Ron Turton

A man was walking up and down
to find a place where he could dine in town.
He found himself a gorgeous place
and entered in with stately grace.
He took his purse, his pocket hence,
but all he found was fifteen ce-e-ents.
He scanned the menu through and through
to see what fifteen cents would do-oo-oo.

The only thing 'twould do at all
was purchase one lowly meatball.
He called the waiter down the hall and
softly whispered "one meat ball".
After that I don't know how it went. I sang this in high school, and the melody surprised me because it was rather pretty, not bluesy at all.