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Posted By: Raedwulf
26-Sep-18 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: What utter rubbish!
Subject: RE: BS: What utter rubbish!
I've only time to dip into the 'cat briefly. Dave - yes, I see 'why', now, your PM. You will have recognised my response immediately, I'm sure! And here's another thread well and truly fu… Keithed. Keith, apparently, means 'wood'. So Keith Wood, well, he had to become a rock star, didn't he, otherwise how would he have dealt with the problem? ;-)

Whereas Mudcat has Woodicus Keithus, who is much mea culpa (except it's not me or you...), and if you're thinking 'two' 'wood'... Go on, see if you can finish the well-known English phrase for yourself! ;-) (No, golf is not involved! :p ).

I cannot improve on Dave's comments in the least. This thread was polluted the moment Keith introduced a complete & utter irrelvance. It is beyond saving. As the OP, if I am so entitled, may I please ask a mod to now close it. It cannot serve any useful purpose from here.