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28-Sep-18 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: Fruit harvest songs. Please?
Subject: Lyr Add: APPLE PIES (Meryle Korn)
Meryle Korn
6 October 1986

The apple crop on my uncle's farm was the best in many a year
He called his kin, said, "Take all you want, just haul 'em out of here!"
So we drove to the farm on a sunny day, picked apples large and small,
Loaded 'em in boxes, filled up the car, we'd never had such a haul!


Oh, them pies! Oh, them pies! Apple pies so sweet,
We'll have 'em for the holidays all winter long, they're so good to eat!
Pull 'em from the freezer, pop 'em in the oven, bake 'em till the crust turns brown,
I'll bet we've got more apple pies than anyone else in town!

So we took 'em home and fired up the stove down the basement where we'd can,
And it stayed nice and cool while we cooked all day, though outside was 110!
With apple butter and applesauce, we filled jars large and small,
Filled every quart jar, filled every pint, we still hadn't used them all.


So we peeled and cored and sliced some more, we thought we'd make some pies,
And we rolled out the dough, put the crusts in the pans, my Grandma, Mom and I;
Filled all the crusts with apples and spice, sugar and butter too,
Put on the top crusts, put 'em in the freezer, I think we made thirty-two!


Then the fall rains came, school started again in an Oregon Autumn sweet,
And we thought about the holidays coming soon, and the pies that we would eat;
On Thanksgiving Day they sent me down to the freezer down the stairs--
Imagine my shock when I opened it up and just three pies were there!


Then my Dad walked up with a beet-red face and he said he could explain,
Though he hemmed and hawed and started and stopped, his embarrassment was plain.
Seems he'd sometimes take a midnight snack, a whole pie for himself....
And he'd bake it up and he'd eat it all.....
        Till all of a sudden he stood appalled.....
                When he saw he'd nearly eaten them all, and left the last three on the shelf!

(Cho. 2X)


Well, at least we HAD more apple pies...than anyone else in town!