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28-Sep-18 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Oliver Cromwell (Buried & dead)
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD CRUMMIE
This is a "song" which we were taught by our Grandmother, Edra Lucille (Millis) Thoman born 1905. She said she remembers being held on her father's lap while he said this song (she does not remember hearing it sung, did not know the tune it was sung to.)


Old Crummie's dead and laid in his grave.
Ummhmm, laid in his grave.

An apple tree growed over his head.
Ummhmm, growed over his head.

The apples they begin to drap.
Ummhmm, begin to drap.

Old Curmmie's wife come pickin em up.
Ummhmm, come pickin em up.

Old Crummie raised and give her a knock.
Ummhmm, give her a knock.

An away she went hippity-hop.
Ummhmm, hippity-hop.

The horse is on the laurel hill, bridle and saddle under the shelf,
If you want any more, sing it your self!

Sung by Zack Burton born (Born 1801 Ashe, North Carolina) in 1855 Lawrence Co, Indiana

If we could say "again please" before the line sing it your self the poem would be repeated by another adult which was a source of great fun for all!