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Posted By: Donuel
05-Oct-18 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Subject: RE: Classical music - what makes you listen?
The Borodin string quartet #2 is pure crisp fresh air where ever you hear it.

Call and answer between sitar and table (Indian Classical Music) is ostensibly the sexiest organic music I have ever heard. The slight departure from rhythmic patterns creates an anticipation that you will never forget and can add to your sensual library. It works like an ancient wisdom come to light.

Barbers Adagio for Orchestra was the only time I saw the cello section split into six parts, likewise the violins had 12 separate parts. The effect is an impenetrable wall of sound.

Do you know the trick of Tchaikovsky's Pathetque' first 13 note theme? It is a clever audio illusion. The tune you hear is not played by anyone but is a composite blending into what you think you hear.