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Posted By: leeneia
09-Oct-18 - 01:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yesterday's Blues (Steep Canyon Rangers)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Yesterday's Blues, Steep Canyon Rangers
Well, NightWind, it looks like nobody can figure out the original words. So why don't we fill in the blanks ourselves so the song can live on?
Well the sun's coming up and I'm fading fast.
Night's hanging around but it won't last.
Street lights are dim, giving way to the dawn
An' it's that time of night to be going home.

Well, the facts we need ain't in the morning news.
If what you believe in, believes in you.
While the world's asleep, these dreams are real.
And the night goes on till the sun comes up the hill.

Closing down the night in the morning light.
Takes a lot of trouble to make a few things right.
Bringing in tomorrow however we choose.
Just shaking off yesterday's blues.

On top of the world between the dark and the light.
It's good to have an old friend here by your side.
And yesterday's blues will be the last to go.
Then we'll sing a song all night until the roosters crow.
This is the folk process. Folks are constantly modifying, improving and patching up old songs. It's more important to keep a song alive than it is to preserve every syllable somebody else wrote, unless the song is a masterwork, which this one is not.

This is a bluegrass song. In bluegrass, the songs are mostly an excuse to play stringed instruments. Think of the song as a 2 by 4, and the stringed instruments as the gingerbread (aka carpenter's lace) which is attached to it.