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Posted By: Senoufou
11-Oct-18 - 08:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: brake checking - what do you know?
Subject: RE: BS: brake checking - what do you know?
We have no phobile moan signal whatsoever in our village - yippee!

I wonder how we survived in the fifties. We had no telephone at all, and mobiles hadn't been invented of course.

I remember nipping down to the phone box on the corner with my two pennies, and pressed Button A when the person answered. If there was no reply, one pressed Button B and got the precious two pennies back again.
But these calls were extremely infrequent (nobody else had a phone either, so one was limited in whom one could ring)

No car either - we went everywhere on bikes. Road accidents were very rare in those days.

I should think Pip was indeed scared Jon. It's such an aggressive way for these people to drive.