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Posted By: leeneia
11-Oct-18 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: brake checking - what do you know?
Subject: RE: BS: brake checking - what do you know?
My city has been invaded by Birds - small electric scooters that you rent with an app and leave at your destination. These are not tiny motorcycles; they are electrified versions of the scooter that a child pushes with his foot.

And of course, we are now seeing young people with no helmets, no seatbelts, no protection from collision, riding in traffic. The worst is the girls in skimpy outfits without even a layer of denim between them and the pavement.

Recently we pulled up on front of our house, and coming the other direction was a woman about 30 years old, riding an electric scooter, staring at her smartphone, had earphones in her ears. She seemed totally unaware of us.