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Posted By: Mr Red
12-Oct-18 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Not so Smart' Motorways.
Subject: RE: BS: 'Not so Smart' Motorways.
FWIW the definition of full capacity as applied to motorways is when all lanes are going at the same peed. And that speed needs no number. It can be fast or standstill, because there is nowhere for cars to avoid the car in front or in any direction.

So adding another lane increases the capacity (max or otherwise).

They must have reasoned that it is cheaper to use wot ya got and also the occasional breakdown can be balanced with 18 months (& more) of traffic cones, reducing the capacity. Traffic coned lanes are almost as dangerous as breakdowns IMHO. And ever present.

Not easy trading rare occurrences for permanent disruptions, but we rail at roadworks and are thankful we are not the guy who broke down. And the planners are car drivers, so is their psychology driven from within?