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Posted By: Mr Red
17-Oct-18 - 03:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Not so Smart' Motorways.
Subject: RE: BS: 'Not so Smart' Motorways.
I was being ironic/sarcastic. Most motorists are predicatble to a greater extent. But there are those, and with the volume of traffic you see plenty, that are assertive/stupid/self-obsessed when you don't predict their movements. You rely on good behaviour. And are surprise by other forms. They cause accidents.

But if you dun gotta be there punctually - public transport is a gamble. I use buses a lot and it affords a view not entirely possible while driving, especially from the top deck. My thread on Goggle Earth may highlight what I look for. And buses, being relatively slower, you see a fair number of impatient motorists. And I haven't even started on where they park!