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Posted By: Jon Freeman
18-Oct-18 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: Broccoli Cornbread (and variants)
Subject: RE: Broccoli Cornbread (and variants)
Sounds interesting.

On the UK/US bits, the temperature scale is pretty obvious. We'd not be going to 350C!

Difficulties are more likely to concern cups where we are more used to weight for dry measures and as they look the same on paper, liquid measures - a uk pint is 568ml and a us one is 473ml.

At least I think so, I very rarely follow recipies or get that adventurous.

Bread (as I know it): Pip made a mistake today with some Morrisons (UK supermarket) thing. It had jalapenos on top and I had to remove them to eat it. Even the bread itself was too hot for her although I found the rest of it very tasty.

I did once follow instuructions for some bread in a guide that came with a Kenwood mixer. Fresh herbs and olive oil on top and it tasted delicious with all the tastes running into the bread but you've got some standing time, then a knead and then more standing or something like that and I don't have the patience.

Breadmaker is fantastic for me. Lazy maybe but I can throw all that's needed into our Panasonic in under 10 minutes and get decent results. the machine would do a lot more but I just stick with 3 "rapid" (which is at a minimum 2 hrs) ones. Plain white, a 50/50 wholemeal and a granary.