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Posted By: Donuel
24-Oct-18 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bombs of Oct. sent to Barack, Hillary...
Subject: RE: BS: Bombs of Oct. sent to Barack, Hillary...


THEY ARE BOTH   When we marginalize the inefficient and ineffective people of mediocre talent and bind them further with political correctness you end up with many people who become employable only under a Trump scale of loyalty, greed and defense contractors.

Anger and the big lie were the left - right combination punch by Hitler.
My Struggle and the art of the deal differ in that one was actually written by the author.

What we know:

The prudent thing is to not pre judge without facts. The Hate list of Trump are the 'criminal' Democrats in general and the very recent democratic statements made by each of the individuals targeted.

Also a fake Isis flag and silhouetted women as seen on truck mudflaps appear on the black powder pipe bombs.
I mentioned Biden earlier, who is now the newest recipient of the serial pipe bombs. The talking heads for Trump are in unison pre judging the bombs as a hoax.