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Posted By: Donuel
25-Oct-18 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bombs of Oct. sent to Barack, Hillary...
Subject: RE: BS: Bombs of Oct. sent to Barack, Hillary...
We are not boiling frogs yet but every Democrat is now being dehumanized.

Think about how you are portrayed as dangerous or part of a mob.
Yep a mobster says you are insane and part of the walking dead.

Maybe you said nothing when some one down the street was deported but now they are coming for you first by name calling and then dehumanization.

The practice of MS 13 in South America is to first extort victims until they kill them when nothing is left to take. When a Trump critic is first dehumanized and the Justice dept becomes a tool of the President it is easy to eradicate dissent.

Like global warming it is too late to avoid great harm. The Trump train has left the station and is headed to extremism we never thought could be possible again.

I hate fear mongering but it works and is becoming more real.
Tacit permission has been given and you need to watch your back.

More Americans are subject to right wing terrorism and MURDER than international terrorism. The Big Lie can do ANYTHING. I say USE THE BIG LIE FOR GOOD. Others disagree with me on this crucial point.