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Posted By: Bill D
11-Feb-01 - 11:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Female Orgasm Part II: Come Again?
Subject: RE: BS: Female Orgasm Part II: Come Again?
yep, LH..quite true...maybe it's just me who wishes things didn't get quite so...ummmm....graphic & explicit with little reason.. I find there are real uses for expletitives, graphic language and explicit jokes....and random, gratuitous deployment sort of dilutes the effect and numbs us to the time when it would have a effect!

I don't say F@*& every 5 minutes, so when I do, it MEANS something...and I'm convinced that 'some' ribald reparteā€š is NOT comfortable to a lot of casual browsers...and saying ,"hey, chill out, the world is just like that", doesn't address it very well.

I know...who is gonna draw the line and make rules? Max seldom does, and the JoeClones are VERY good at only messing with truly offensive, personal remarks. All I am doing here is inquiring about the mood for a bit of self-imposed restraint, and as I said, I somehow doubt it will work.

What would I do if it were MY place? Well, I think I'd require folks who feel the need to 'let it all hang out' create a thread labeled in some way like the BS threads...and to risk having it deleted if they don't...and for REAL raunchyness and explicit jokes..(which I DO indulge in sometimes), take it off someplace like SOI (State of Insanity...a chat site where you can find 'almost' anything...and do it anonymously, too..) I'll look up the exact address later maybe....

*shrug* I making too much of this...?? maybe...