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03-Nov-18 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Matt Hyland
Subject: ADD Version: Matt Hyland
There are a number of broadsides at Bodleian, but they all seem more-or-less the same. This one is identified as 07290


There was a Lord lived in this town,
He had a handsome comely daughter,
Who fell in love with a young man,
That was a servant to her father,
And when the Lord he came her,
He swore he'd make him quit the Island,
The lady said her heart would break,
If she'd part with young Mat Hyland.

The Lord discours'd his lady fair,
One night within his lonely chamber,
He said young Hyland I will transport,
For my child she stands in danger;
The lady fair in anguish lay,
With grief oppressed she was repining;
She says my father I will deceive,
And protect my young Mat Hyland.

Straight she went to her true love,
Commanding him for to awaken,
Arise my dear and go your way,
For this night you will be taken,
Last night I heard my father say,
In spite of fate he would transport you,
So rise my dear before it's day,
You know my darling I adore you.

They both sat down on the bedside,
For the space of half an hour,
Not one word the couple said,
But down their cheeks the tears did pour,
She laid her head against his breast,
And round his neck her arms entwined,
She says no Duke nor Lord I'll wed,
Since I must part with you Mat Hyland.

Must I go my dear he says,
Like a poor forlorn stranger,
And must I leave my servitude,
Or will I go without my wages,
Here's fifty pounds in ready gold,
And that is more than my father owes you,
So rise my dear before it's day,
I wish to God I went before you.

When Mat Hyland the purse received,
The (sic) kissed shook hands and so they parted,
She says that you are gone from me,
In sorrow to leave me broken hearted,
She turned then into her room,
And for some time she lay repining,
She says no Duke nor Lord I'll wed,
Since you're gone from me Mat Hyland.

The Lord he said to his daughter fair,
I did not know how dear you loved him,
I will give you leave to bring him home,
Since there's no one you'd stile above him,
She wrote a letter off with speed,
To him her heart it was inclined,
To the church this couple went,
And she made a lord of young Mat Hyland