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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
08-Nov-18 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
Subject: RE: BS: All the Scams Aren't in Nigeria
good one, Jos

I've been getting some persistent calls, mostly daily around 2pm, but one even came at 8.50pm. All come from a call centre, ya know the ones that you pick up & say hello & there is background noise until someone takes the call.

A caller with a thick Indian accent starts saying hello, & as I always immediately hang up on any voice saying they are (name) from (organisation) I have no idea what they want. Sometimes I let the call go to the answering machine & of course they hang up!

A couple of years back I inadvertantly paid my electricity bill late, adding the $15 they charge for late payment. Sometime later I automatically hung up on (name) from (electricity supplier) who was probably calling to ask if I needed a pre-payment plan! Anyway, I didn't cos I just forgot I had the bill.