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Posted By: Mooh
17-Nov-18 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
Subject: RE: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
In August we rescued a mutt bitch that had found its way to a shelter, haggard, underweight, listless, shy, and looking like she'd just had a litter. She's beefed up a bit now, full of energy, and affectionate in the extreme. Apparently (from the shelter vet and our own vet) the thinking is she was used to make a couple of litters and discarded. She's a Rottweiler head on a Basset hound body, which is an odd look, but it seems it's a bit of a thing in designer dogs. No idea of exact age but maybe 3-ish. Doubtless had the first litter too young. She loves the aforementioned Otis