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Posted By: Senoufou
17-Nov-18 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
Subject: RE: BS: Our Amazing Dogs
A village resident was out walking 'Nellie' this morning. She's a teeny little thing, possibly Chihuahua crossed with a Jack Russell.

Her owner is young and rather tough-looking (ripped jeans, some facial piercings and tattoos) but when I started chatting to him over the summer he turned out to be ever so nice, and devoted to his dog. He lives alone in a rented place near the fields.

He looks more like a Rottweiler type of chap, but this little dog scuttles along beside him looking really happy.

Logie was indeed a bit of a concern keberoxu, as he was alone some of the time and Ruth-across-the-road used to take him out and feed him during the day, but now, sadly, her male owner has given up his quite physical work completely due to arthritis (he's not all that old either) and his wife only does three short days a week, so both Logie and Molly have human company all the time. The chap can walk quite well though, which is good for their dogs!