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Posted By: Mrrzy
12-Feb-01 - 12:34 PM
Thread Name: Elephant music
Subject: Elephant music
Fascinating thing on NPR this morning about a CD that some Thai elephants have made, called Temple Music. Apparently there are a whole bunch of uneployed elephants since logging was outlawed, and somebody has been building them percussion and wind instruments. The elephants love to play music, they've learned the various drums and the harmonica of all things, and they will wander around in the forest playing their harmonicas even when they aren't in a group doing the musical thing. Apparently they otherwise don't spontaneously "jam" but if a human points to the instruments, they will start playing, and if told to stop, will keep right on playing. They played several cuts from the album, sounded about as musical as anything on the asian scales sound... it was really pretty! Anyone else hear it? Anyone have any thoughts on it? One thing I was wondering is that since elephants communicate with subsonics (to our ears), wonder what they are perceiving from these bells and stuff... probably nothing to do with what we hear! Anyway, it's musical, so have a thread... and we have a lot of those neuro and other psychological science folks, wonder what their take is...