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Posted By: Will Fly
04-Dec-18 - 04:35 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Zoom H6 replaces my old H2
Subject: RE: Tech: Zoom H6 replaces my old H2
SD card: I transferred the 16Gb card from my old H2 into the H6 - no problem with either.

XLR inputs: These are full-size, and there is phantom power available.

The main, interchangeable mics take recording channels "L" & "R". There are 4 XLR inputs, each with its own recording level control. So, in essence, there are up to 6 tracks - 4 independent XLR tracks and a stereo input.

I tested it last night, in conjunction with the other H2 on this:

Autumn Leaves

The H2 is on the left (basser) side, and you can see the H6, with a screw-in mic mount, on a mic stand to the right. The H2 was a little too hot for my liking, and I'll bring it down in level next time I use it. I'm going to try out a couple of Shure mics in the XLRs sometime today - just to see what the sound is like.

In the recording, the H2 and H6 tracks were equalized with Audacity, and the two tracks synched and exported as an mp4 with Garageband. Dave the Gnome - if you're reading this, I want to get the balance right before doing your tune recording.