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Posted By: Spud Murphy
12-Feb-01 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Help: Copyright rules
Subject: RE: Help: Copyright rules
Thanks, GUEST,Burke. Thanks, MMario.

I should have used a different prefix for this thread, but I thought it was a music subject and that the B.S. prefix would not have been inappropriate. I am sorry I misled you. I will learn. I have no interest in the legal or commercial aspects of copyright law. I simply thought it was peculiar and perhaps an infringement of some kind, for two songwriters of the stature of Irving Berlin and Oscar Hammerstein to give their songs, written a year and a half apart, the same title, if such is the case as indicated on the Bo Lewis web sight. I wondered if that was other than an just an oversight.

The rest of the post was simply social comentary. It upsets me greatly to have the title of a pretty little song like "Who?" preempted to identify dischordant, disharmonious, obnoxious noise that hardly qualifies to be classified as music, public domain be damned.

In my opinion. Spud