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Posted By: Vic Smith
05-Dec-18 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus reissued
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus reissued
Jack Campin wrote:-
"He said the reason he hadn't done much with the revival material was that his real commitment was to the source/traditional stuff."

Fair enough! So is my commitment. But surely that was mainly, but not exclusively the printed-on-grey-card releases on the Leader label, the majority of which are on my vinyl shelves. My list would include:-
Jack Elliott, Jack Elliott of Birtley, LP, Leader LEA 4001, 1969
Séamus Ennis, Masters of Irish Music, LP, Leader LEA 2003, 1969
Martin Byrnes, Masters of Irish Music, LP, Leader LEA 2004, 1969
Séamus Tansey, Masters of Irish Music, LP, Leader LEA 2005, 1970
Billy Pigg, The Border Minstrel, LP, Leader LEA 4006, 1971
Various Artists, Blue Ridge Mountain Field Trip, LP, Leader LEA 4012, 1970
Tex Isley, Gray Craig and The New North Carolina Ramblers, North Carolina Boys, LP, Leader LEA 4040, 1972
Charlie Wills, Charlie Wills, LP, Leader LEA 4041, 1972
George Dunn, George Dunn, LP, Leader LEE 4042, 1973
John Doonan, Flute for the Feis, LP, Leader LEA 2043, 1972
The Coleman Country Traditional Society, Music from the Coleman Country, LP, Leader LEA 2044, 1972
Lonnie Austin, Norman Woodlieff, Lonnie Austin & Norman Woodlieff, LP, Leader LEE 4045, 1975
The Copper Family, A Song for Every Season, 4 LP, Leader LEAB 404 (LEA 4046-4049), 1971
Joseph Taylor et. al., Unto Brigg Fair, LP, Leader LEA 4050, 1972
Jimmy Power & Tony Ledwith, Irish Music from The Favourite, LP, Leader LED 2051, 1975
Da Forty Fiddlers, The Cullivoe Traditional Players, Tom Anderson and Aly Bain, Shetland Fiddlers, LP, Leader LED 2052, 1973
Kyle Creek, Bobby Patterson and the Camp Creek Boys, Virginia Reel: Fiddle and Banjo Tunes, LP, Leader LED 2053, 1974
Cecilia Costello, Cecilia Costello, LP, Leader LEE 4054, 1975
Various Artists, Folk Ballads from Donegal and Derry, LP, Leader LEA 4055, 1975
The Holme Valley Beagles, A Fine Hunting Day, LP, Leader LEE 4056, 1975
Various Artists, Far Canadian Fields, LP, Leader LEE 4057, 1974
John J. Kimmel, Early Recordings of Irish Traditional Dance Music, LP, Leader LED 2060, 1977
John Maguire, Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday, LP, Leader LEE 4062, 1973
Walter Pardon, A Proper Sort, LP, Leader LED 2063, 1972
Various Artists, A People's Carol: A Christmas Singing Tradition Recorded in South Yorkshire Pubs, LP, Leader LEE 4065, 1974
The Copper Family, A Song for Every Season, LP, Leader LED 2067, 1971
Stephen Baldwin, English Village Fiddler, LP, Leader LED 2068, 1976
The Beresford Band, Yorkshire Dales Dance Night, LP, Leader LEA 2069, 1977
Eddie Butcher, Shamrock, Rose & Thistle, LP, Leader LED 2070, 1976
The Rakes, The Rakes, LP, Leader LED 2071, 1976
Walter Pardon, Our Side of the Baulk, LP, Leader LED 2111, 1977

Did Dave Bulmer ever make a move to re-release any of these items in any format? To be fair there is not a huge market for "the source/traditional stuff". Bill Leader once told me that he thought that the Cecilia Costello vinyl album was a contender for the poorest selling item on any recognised label (and yet I think she is a great singer and that hers is a lovely album).
Four more things that I would like to add.
1] In the 1990s the Leader catalogue was sold to another record company Highway which later went into receivership. It was subsequently sold to the Celtic Music record label so it is possible that there was no contact on the subject between Bill Leader and Dave Bulmer. Can anyone add any more information on this?
2] To my mind, much as I love the band - The Rakes, The Rakes, LP, Leader LED 2071, 1976 were a revival band and their album might have been better placed on Trailer.
3] Did The Copper Family, A Song for Every Season, LP, Leader LED 2067, 1971 ever see the light of day? In an interview with Bob Copper in 1971, he told me that after the 4-LP boxed set of A Song for Every Season the plan was - once the initial sales level of the boxed set that died down - that each album would be released singly - but that this never happened.
and finally :-
4] Is there anyone that can add to my list of Leader releases?