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Posted By: Thompson
06-Dec-18 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wash the dog!
Subject: RE: BS: Wash the dog!
Just washed my pup. I had a bath myself, and then hopped out and got into my bathrobe, and picked him up and put him in the warm water and shampooed him. He was ok with that, but when I rinsed him off with the shower hose he thought I was trying to kill him and whimpered pathetically, poor little love. Then a towel down and a nice long walk. The walk because otherwise a dog's instinct is to go outside and find some nice poo to roll in.

I'd always wash dogs every now and again - how often depends on the dog. Took in a fat little grey Jack Russell once and brought him to the vet, and the vet was tutting that he'd never been bathed, lifting his fur to show the caked black grease and flea droppings. Brought him home and gave him a good bath and he was sparkling white. His owner - a little boy - turned up and was astonished at the sight of him.