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Posted By: Luke
12-Feb-01 - 03:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Female Orgasm Part II: Come Again?
Subject: RE: BS: Female Orgasm Part II: Come Again?
I like when we talk about all the stuff. I never knew no folkies nohow that didn't have orgasms in there minds someway ornother. Folk music is the sexiest music after all. It's got all the curves and the drive and the rhythm and the romance. Old time dancing is about sweaty bodies to begin with so, there ya go. Whats next? You figure it out.

In my opinion, any kids who get they're education here either have no parents to talk to about anything or have smart ones who sent them. I any case, they are learning from the smartest, coolest, most literate and clever, not to mention humble people in the world. Once again my hats off to the inventors of this place.

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