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Posted By: Jim Dixon
09-Dec-18 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs of Mr. Flotsam and Mr. Jetsam
Subject: Lyr Add: BIG BEN CALLING (Mr Flotsam & Mr Jetsam)
You can hear this at YouTube.

As recorded by Mr Flotsam & Mr Jetsam (1932)

A letter arrived for us today,
A letter from quite a world away,
Written by someone we’ve never seen,
Sent from a place where we’ve never been.
We’re going to read you, that’s if we may,
This letter from quite a world away:

“You can’t imagine,” the letter ran,
“What modern wireless means to a man
Exiled here in this lonely spot,
Or do you know that it means a lot,
Down on your luck and all alone,
To hear the sound of a saxophone.
You can’t imagine what it can mean
Unless you’ve been
Upon the scene.

“But best of all, the moment when
We hear the chime of great Big Ben,
And turn to somebody near and say:
‘That’s Big Ben calling at close of day
To us a world away,
To us poor devils a world away.’ ”

“This is the London station closing down.
Good night, everybody; good night.”

It comes to us each day
From quite a world away.
We wait in homes remote
For its ...(?).
In fancy we’ll ...(?)
A rose upon a ...(?).
Some dear remembered scene
Where grass is always green:
The walks we love so well
By mountain moor and fell.
The winding English lanes
We’ll never see again/
Good night from London town!
Our hearts are closing down.
Big Ben is calling,
Big Ben is calling
From London town.