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Posted By: Vic Smith
09-Dec-18 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: A new attempt to revive a custom fails
Subject: RE: A new attempt to revive a custom fails
I feel that it may stimulate more interest in this project, if I gave the full lyrics of the Terrible Down Wassail exactly as they appear in the old manuscript that I acquired:-
Good master and mistress let our wassail begin
So get out your bank card and remember your pin
Slide the card in the slot there and type numbers four.
We'll fill in the rest once we're outside your door.

Fol de dol fol de dol de dol
Fol de dol de dol fol de dol de de
Fol de da ro fol de da di
Sing tu re lye do

Our wassail bowl's made of the single use plastic
No need to clean it which we think's fantastic
So once we have drunk all your good home-brewed ale
It gets chucked in the sea and ends up in a whale

You haven't any apple trees for our guns to bespatter?
You haven't made cider? Well, that doesn't matter.
Send through your pretty maid to fill our bowl up with booze
Some wine, gin or whisky, you can just let her choose.

Here's we jolly wassail boys feeling wet and pissed off,
Some sneezing and choking and others bad coughs
So you, pretty maid, sitting down at your ease
Pray, let us come in and spread our disease.

We know by the fog, we'll get lost in the bog,
And we know by the snow that it's too far to go.
The wind and the hail tell it's all bound to fail,
And we know by the rain we won't bother again.