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Posted By: Thompson
10-Dec-18 - 06:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wash the dog!
Subject: RE: BS: Wash the dog!
My memory of skunk smell - from a skunk killed on a highway about five miles from where we were - was like nervous sweat, multiplied by a million. And multiplied again. Isn't tomato juice supposed to wash it away?

My puppy - also a merle, a blue-eyed border collie merle with half of one eye brown - is fond of racing around our local park, on the banks of a river and with artificial lakes and ponds - with his sister, and occasionally 'forgetting' that the green weed on the big pond is not actually a lawn but pondweed. As a result he's had more baths than most pups, and is now getting used to the concept.

At this stage - 14 weeks old - he's learned 'sit' and 'lie', and 'do your pee', and 'fetch!' and is advancing on 'leave' and a gentle 'give'. He's learned to sit beside me when I'm eating and not beg, and to sit and wait when his food is put out, and he now has a gentle mouth to take a treat from your hand. He's pretty good at coming to his name or to a whistle (pace squirrels), and he's polite to other dogs.