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Posted By: Senoufou
13-Dec-18 - 08:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Power of Habit and Hate
Subject: RE: BS: The Power of Habit and Hate
This is all very fascinating Donuel.
There have sadly been many mass shootings over the last few years. For example, Dunblane. I don't know of any female attackers, only male. But that may just be ignorance on my part.

I'm not a psychologist, but I think the underlying catalyst might be a sense of 'alienation', where a person or group feels unaccepted, disregarded, demeaned or eschewed. This causes immense anger to build up.
I've been watching a programme about chimpanzees in a lovely centre in Dorset UK, where they live in large outdoor natural enclosures. Their group behaviour interested me very much. If an individual were to be shunned or excluded by the other chimps, often a huge rage and temper tantrum resulted, and the chimp viciously attacked every animal in sight, threw things around and broke branches. He/she had to be isolated by the keepers to protect the others and to calm him/her down.

I also found this reaction among my pupils. I once had a traveller child arrive in my class, and the others were horribly unkind to him in the playground. He finally erupted with the most amazing strength and managed to bloody the noses of several boys, rip their clothes and punch everybody within reach.

I was sent for by the playground duty staff, and persuaded him to come with me to a private room. He was incandescent with anger, but after gentle calming, he confided that he was sick of being persecuted, and his traveller parents had told him to 'get stuck in' if anyone tormented him.
I felt so sorry for him, and later picked three or four 'nicer' boys to befriend him and stick up for him. He then felt part of a group and was much calmer. Sadly, as travellers do, he moved on to another area. But I think he taught me many lessons about acceptance and tolerance.