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Posted By: Donuel
13-Dec-18 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Power of Habit and Hate
Subject: RE: BS: The Power of Habit and Hate
We do not need to give guns to primates to see the obvious parallels to human behavior. However there are fewer primate shootings when we do not give guns to Chimpanzees. That being said mass shootings are a product of countless hours of practicing social media arguments that includes insults accusations threats and reactions to these attacks. With any kind of reinforcements in the real world the feelings of powerlessness are magnified. Compounding the problem is no real expectation of privacy anymore. There has to be a weak link in this chain of hate to break the cycle before the individual snaps. A feeling of relief from the attacks and a sense of victory can accomplish a reduction in anxiety.
This can be done via video games - The very thing that second amendment advocates blame as the cause for violent snaps. As long as we are giving guns to human chimpanzees these are the areas we are left to explore.

In society the gun debate causes a vindictiveness that ranges from not speaking with, all the way to revenge against the 'other side'.

If the NRA is so easily manipulated by Russian spies and Sasha Baron Cohen it can be manipulated by sense and sensibility.