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Posted By: Gallus Moll
15-Dec-18 - 06:40 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The glesga eskimos
I am sooo annoyed! I had a long post on my phone after attending The Janey Buchan Political Song Collection: Ding Dong Dollar event -- and it vanished when I tried to post it!!! So now I canny remember what I said -- but it was a pure dead brilliant couple of hours with loadsa old folkies there (some even older than me!) and lots of interesting research,, plus a couple of great performances of Ding Dong Dollar and The Eskimo Republic.
Best of all - Jim McLean was in attendance!!!
So good to meet him in person, and hear his contribution -- people were queuing for his autograph!!
There were only two of these talks in Scotland, Edinburgh then Glasgow - - but it is going to be in USA (I think the Smithsonian - hope I didn't make that up?) at some point - don't ask me when!!
Ultimately there should be a radio programme and I think probably a book or some sort of publication - - Lot of research by Stewart Black. (hope I got that name correct -- literature is downstairs and I am up - - )
If you look on facebook and / or website of the Janey Buchan Political Song Collection Ding Dong Dollar you might find some of the photos and videos people were taking? Failing which check Pete Heywood on facebook as he took and posted loads!