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Posted By: Bill D
12-Feb-01 - 06:20 PM
Thread Name: How many Iceland Mudcatter's are there?
Subject: RE: How many Iceland Mudcatter's are there?
who'd a thunk...

". Bananas, tangerines and coffee plants grown at the town of Hvergerdi. "

"Vegetation covers less than one-fifth of Iceland's area and only about 1.1% is cultivated. Trees, mostly birch, grow in some places, along with some willows. The rest of the country is barren mountains, and deserts (lava beds cover some 11% of Iceland) and glaciers (12%). Vatnaj”kull (Lakes' Glacier) in the southeast is the largest Ice field in Europe and Od dahraun (Lava of ill deeds) north of Vatnaj”kull is the largest lava bed on earth. Rivers and waterfalls are plenty, and provide hydroelectric power. Over 90% of homes are heated by hot springs, which also keep greenhouses warm, where the famous Icelandic bananas are grown."