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Posted By: Steve Shaw
22-Dec-18 - 06:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Drones
Subject: RE: BS: Drones
The government has been sitting on its hands for years over this. Drones are not exactly a new thing. The US used them to drop bombs on Pakistan years ago, for example. The Gatwick incident was a dead cert to happen and it seems that no plan was in place to counter such an attack. You can't tell me that the technology doesn't exist to stop idiots from flying their flimsy toys near aeroplanes. I'll tell you summat. We've got schools begging parents for money, hospital waiting lists rocketing, A&E departments unable to cope, food bank dumps in every supermarket in the fifth biggest economy in the world, homelessness going through the roof as people die in the cold just outside Parliament, and most of the roads round here are full of last winter's potholes still. You never see a copper round here these days either. I mean, what sort of a bloody country is this when ordinary citizens' security and comfort and safety are ignored while our alleged leaders turn parliament into a pantomime as they "discuss" the disaster they instigated that is about to befall us? What do we pay these clowns for?