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Posted By: Jon Freeman
22-Dec-18 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Drones
Subject: RE: BS: Drones
"Ok. so that (if enforced) takes care of drones sold to the public. What about drones created by members of the public, with computerised controls available online, which have not been fitted with this device?"

Nigel, the way I’d understood the (Daily Mail?) article I read was that the first system tried by the police failed as it only really dealt with “standard” drones from the largest maker. I believe the Israeli system was able to overcome this?

My guess it that wherever there is a “drone/base” communication, there would be some way of blocking that?

I’m more interested in drones that can follow a flight path autonomously. Perhaps I’m missing something but it looks to me as if one, even with consumer grade stuff, could say program a drone to say make a short flight, circle round a target area a few times to get attention and return to base without the need for any communication between drone and base. I guess that if this method is possible, it would render any jamming technology useless? Or perhaps they could knock out the GPS signals it would need?

This board available in the UK for about £130 (plus you’d need at least GPS) seems quite capable to me?

On a different tack. Any thoughts on the likes of Amazon possibly having large fleets of drones big enough to carry parcels in the sky? And if there are so many disabling techniques including netting, around, could we have "drone piracy"?