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Posted By: Iains
23-Dec-18 - 07:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Drones
Subject: RE: BS: Drones
in my experience GPS that is commercially available is barely accurate enough to taunt at the control tower window.

Depending on what equipment is used and the order of accuracy required the precision of GPS equipment can be very high. A total station is accurate within 3mm. Static and RTK techniques are the most accurate forms of GPS. With high order static techniques, relative positions of a few millimetres are possible over hundreds of kilometres.
   A mobile phone has an accuracy to 5-8 meters. It can be combined with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver and get accuracy down to the 2-3 meter range

I am sure governments retain the ability to degrade the accuracy should the need arise. I assume that would also require the cellphone towers to be taken out as well, as their positions are known and triangulation would give a general location down to several typical city blocks. (I suspect that this is an inaccuracy deliberately put out by the authorities, but I do not have the knowledge to dispute it)